In the name of all that is holy! We are so thankful for camera phones because some genius took a video of a miss Britney Spears shakin' what her mama gave her during an audition on 'X Factor' in North Carolina.

In a nutshell, some other kind of genius decided to sing (er, rap) Vanilla Ice's hit 'Ice Ice Baby' and it must've struck a nerve with Spears, because the girl got crazy. While the guy auditioning was feeling the song himself, the singer was quick to join him, standing up, dancing, and motioning with her hands. One can only assume that she was singing the words to the song based on her hand movements, and our only regret is that no one caught Brit's front.

Spears was the only judge on the panel to thoroughly enjoy the audition, though. And that makes us a little sad since everyone and their moms can usually get down to 'Ice Ice Baby,' but whatever. We know Brit has a thang for the white boy rappers. Remember her ex Kevin Federline? LOL.

Watch Britney Get Down on 'X Factor'