Britney Spears has filmed some sort of new video, but she won't say just what it is. The 'Femme Fatale' teased the news on her Facebook page, writing, "Shooting something top secret with VEVO today. Can't wait for u guys to see it..."

The image she released with the teaser shows her seated with her hands folded in her lap with a foreground close-up of Brit's face and rows of bright lights behind her. This might be a new interview to promote Spears' role on 'X Factor.' Or could it actually be an announcement of new Britney music?

We haven't heard any rumblings about new music from Brit, although she did drop a remix of 'Till the World Ends' for the 'Twister Dance' game. Spears just released a new Fantasy Twist perfume commercial, so that could also be a topic for conversation. Or maybe she just wants to chat about all the fun she's having with Simon Cowell on 'X Factor.'

What do you think the Britney Spears top secret video shoot was all about? Just an interview, or something more exciting? Leave a comment with your guess!