A pop star's money maker is his or her voice. Especially the ones who can really sing, like Adele or Bruno Mars. Adele's smoking habit is well-publicized, and she had to give it up, begrudgingly, to save her voice. Now, Mars is the latest pop star to be photographed smoking, which should be a no-no, considering the havoc it can wreak on the vocal cords. Tsk, tsk.

Mars, who, for the record, is not gay, despite a web hoax/prank that attempted to spread earlier this week, was snapped with a maroon beanie and sunglasses, but his attire couldn't conceal his identity. Maybe he is a social smoker or just had a lapse, since we don't see him huffing and puffing in public all the time. Whatever the case, we're going to make like Ma here and shake our finger at Bruno, disapprovingly.

Smoking is bad for your health. It makes your teeth yellow and your clothes smell. It ages you and causes wrinkles around the mouth. And it harms your voice. Bruno, you are one of the few men to appear on the cover of Playboy because you look and sound so good. Don’t risk it for a nic fit!

Okay, we're done with our lecture for the day.