The new video for the Calvin Harris and Ne-Yo collaboration 'Let's Go' depicts the performers arriving at a music festival for a late-night performance of their electro-house track in front of a rabid group of fans.

At times, the video seems like an advertisement for grabbing life by the horns and being adventurous. As Ne-Yo urges, "Let's go! / It's now or never / Tomorrow's good, tonight is better / Let's make it happen tonight," the video follows three groups of people from Rio, Los Angeles and Tokyo who ride motorcycles, dance in the street, sing karaoke, engage in boxing training, and run through Tokyo's neon-filled streets at night. The video's central figures reach the music festival at the end of the clip, where Harris is firing up the crowd as he performs the song.

Eagle-eyed viewers will spot a Pepsi Max product placement, perhaps a subtle thanks to the soft drink  company for using 'Let's Go' in its latest commercial. Pepsi Max is also sponsoring the Beatport Remix contest, where users can vote on fan-submitted remixes of 'Let's Go.'

Harris has a handful of U.S. summer tour dates lined up, including a gig at Lollapalooza in Chicago in early August where he'll likely have an opportunity to recreate the final scene of the video before thousands of fans.

Watch the Calvin Harris 'Let's Go' Video Feat. Ne-Yo