These couples are two of the cutest in pop culture right now, but they're so low-key you might've missed them! Carlos Pena Jr. of Big Time Rush is head over heels for 'Sky Kids' actress Alexa Vega (who is no longer a kid at all), while Zayn Malik of One Direction only has eyes for his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix.

We've sort of gotten to know these romantic duos through pictures, Twitter messages, and news tidbits, and even though both guys and their GFs are absolutely adorable together, we want to know who gets your vote for the best couple. Do Carlos and Alexa warm your heart more, or is it Zayn and Perrie who make you go "aww"?

After checking out their Instagram pics, we really want to be BFFs with Carlos Pena Jr. and Alexa Vega. They look like the really cool couple that you don't mind third wheeling it with, as they're always lending each other a laugh and doing awesome things like riding bikes in the Bahamas or adventuring around Maui. The Big Time Rush singer and his lady are also clearly in love (or at least deeply in "like"), and Carlos is often seen cozying up to the very beautiful Vega in pictures, but never in that gross, "please, God, stop," PDA sort of way. They just seem too normal for stuff like that.

But Alexa and Carlos aren't the only couple who we love to keep tabs on... or at least try to keep tabs on. Zayn Malik and his steady girlfriend Perrie Edwards keep a pretty low-profile in terms of celebrity relationships, save for a few Instagram photos Edwards has posted and the endless stalking from the paparazzi. Malik and Edwards have stuck together through cheating rumors and a lot of other senseless drama, and we have to hand it to Edwards for maintaining such a confident persona despite the fact that millions of young girls would kill to be with her man. They are in love, and no one's going to stop them!

Both of these couples are so great and work really well together, so it's gonna be a hard pick. Vote for Carlos and Alexa or Zayn and Perrie below, and you can cast votes once per hour, in case you're super torn between the two pairs. (We know we are.)


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