Carly Rae Jepsen recently dyed her hair from brown to red, and even though she looks fabulous with her bright new 'do, the songstress also looks positively radiant with dark hair. So, which color do you think suits Carly Rae Jepsen the best? Brown or red?

The 27-year-old Canadian pop darling debuted her new look on Twitter, writing, "I've always wanted to go red!" Her fans responded with nothing but love, telling the 'This Kiss' cutie that she looked great. We would have to agree. The red color looks so pretty against Carly Rae's milky white skin and makes those baby blues pop, as well.

However, we still love Jepsen with dark brown locks, too! It's the look she's been rocking since she hit it big last summer with her viral smash 'Call Me Maybe,' so we've become used to seeing her with this shade. But she's lucky, because she really did look beautiful as a brunette and as a redhead.

So, which shade do you think looks prettiest atop Carly's head? Brown or red? Vote below!