Carrie Underwood debuted her new music video for current single 'Something in the Water' and it is heavenly.

Between co-hosting the 2014 CMA Awards with fellow country superstar Braid Paisley, to actually performing at the awards, to making at least ten thousand outfit changes throughout the awards show (that might be a biiiit hyperbolic, but still) we have no idea how she even had the time to get the video out. But we're really glad she did!

The video features a group of dancers moving gracefully to the song around Carrie as she stands at the center of a shallow reflecting pool and sings. While we had a feeling there would be some aspect of water considering the song title, we weren't sure what to expect. And because the water reference isn't heavy handed, it instead adds to the simplicity of the video and really allows Carrie's voice to be the star. Her powerful vocals are on full display, and she is seriously taking us to church here.

What do you guys think of Carrie's new video? Check it out above and let us know! Bonus question: how good does that pregnancy glow look on her?? Unreal.