You may think you have Cate Blanchett all figured out, but this movie star is far more, uh, colorful than you'd imagined.

For example, in a new interview with Australian journalist Jonathan Hyla to promote her new film, Cinderella, the Best Actress Academy Award winner was not having it when he asked an off-topic question about ... training cats to use leashes.

"That's your question? That's your f---ing question?" Blanchett replied.

Hyla later dispelled any notions that there was bad blood between the actress and himself by releasing the uncut version of the interview via Twitter.

The uncut version of the encounter makes it pretty obvious that despite the fact that she plays the wicked stepmother in Cinderella, Cate is exceptionally likable, down-to-earth and witty.

You'll have to watch the entire video to see how the whole thing plays out, but we can tell you one thing: It's just going to make you an even bigger Cate Blanchett fan.

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