Nom nom nom nom nom! Celebs posted plenty of pics of their food and drink of choice this week.

Nicole Richie had a healthy harvest, while that 'Pretty Little Liar' Ashley Benson and her pals enjoyed lots of different treats throughout the week and at Coachella.

Since the weather is getting warmer, there were lots of drink-focused photos as of late. And with Easter and Passover here, there were lots of table photos.

See who sipped the hard stuff, who had a delish breakfast of champions, who else cooled off with snacks in the desert in Cali and much, much more.

Grab a napkin. It's always good to have one handy to mop up the drool. This weekly list is pretty much food porn.

Nicole Richie enjoyed a healthy harvest. Is it us or do those mutant strawberries look DELISH?!

Another cake for Shay Mitchell's birthday. Chocolate covered strawberries. So yummy. They may not be as healthy as N. Richie's strawberries, posted above, but different treats for different sweet tooths.

Cakes are always around the 'PLL' gals. Whatevs. Let 'em eat cake.

Lea Michele and crew are grateful for cheesecake -- like 'Golden Girls' and much of the sweet tooth-having population.

More cheesecake yumminess.

Timeflies imbibed. That sorta rhymed. Again! Sometimes you need a drink to take the edge off.

Ash Benzo, aka Ashley Benson, cooled off at Coachella with Fruitare bars. Those are healthy and yummy popsicles.

Julianne Hough had a watermelon-basil and coconut snow cone at Coachella. Sounds like a gourmet summer treat for discerning palettes.

Mindy Kaling was a happy girl.

Whose breakfast is that? Jessie J's, that's who! Ham, eggs, spinach, beans and a bagel. The English singer has a love affair with food, and her Instagram feed (no pun!) proves it.

Fresh drinks for the 'Pretty Little Liars' ladies. They are besties off set.

Drinks with umbrellas – always a do!

The weather is getting warmer, and the drinks are getting colder. Christina Milian cooled off with peach juice, sparkling soda water and grenadine. Mmm. That sounds refreshing. Um, bartender...

Anna Kendrick tossed back a cranberry vodka. She is one A-lister we'd love to have a bevvie with, no doubt.

Here's what Jenna Ushkowitz will be eating.

Nikki Williams fueled up with good stuff.

See Mandy Moore's Passover Seder table.

Same for Whitney Port, reality star. The holidays were this week and carry into the weekend, so we saw and will see lots more setting snaps.

Check out Jessica Biel's spring salad.

That is some sort of deliciousness on Gavin DeGraw's plate.