Whoever's behind the promo for Magic Mike XXL is doing a great job, because the Internet seems to be in agreement that a video of Channing Tatum vogueing is exactly what the world needs right now.

Working with Vanity Fair, Channing demonstrated seven dance moves in 30 seconds, effectively showing off his skills while doing the twist, the funky chicken, the pony, the robot and more. But the piece de resistance doesn't take place until the end of the video, when he vogues for a solid few seconds.

If you're mostly unfamiliar with the treasure that is Channing Tatum, the one thing we'd like you take away from this is how goofy and carefree he is. Remember the Sony hacks, and how so many professionals' characters were publicly decimated after their gross, secret emails were published? One of Channing's emails was published, too, but all it did was further endear him to the general public.

When his movie with Jonah Hill, the comedy sequel 22 Jump Street, stole the top spot from Ted for highest earning for an R-rated comedy, he sent an email to his producers at Sony that said, in all-caps, "F YOU TED!!!! SECOND OF ALLLL TIMMMMME BEEEOTCH!!!! COME ON JUMPSTREETERS WE GOT CATE BLANCHETT WIT DIS BOX OFFICE BITCHES!!!!!!!!" punctuated by a seemingly endless amount of AHAHAHAs. Do yourself a favor and check out the purported email over on Gawker.

When you're done with that, make sure you watch his Vanity Fair video above.

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