It hasn't been a good couple of weeks for Cheryl Cole, who was replaced on both the US and UK versions of 'X Factor.' Now, the show is reportedly attempting to avoid paying her for the work she already performed, which may force to her to apply for a US Visa.

Hollywood Reporter says a source claims that Cole wasn't officially fired and that FremantleMedia is trying to figure out how to avoid breaching her contract. "They don’t want to pay her," the source says. "It's a chess match."

Cole's visa application is apparently necessary because not having one could give the company an easy excuse for not paying her. Cole turned her life upside down to appear on 'X Factor' and bought a house in Los Angeles in anticipation of being on the show.

Cole served as a judge during the initial auditions in Los Angeles and Chicago before being replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. Cole was hurt by the dismissal, saying, "they’ve just cast me aside like a fool," and refused to return the calls of the British 'X Factor' producers, leading them to replace her with Kelly Rowland.

Cole blames Simon Cowell for her dismissal. The source says Cowell believed Cole would willingly return to the British 'X Factor.' "He thinks he can move people around like chess pieces," the insider said. Stay tuned as the drama continues!

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