After four weeks of voting, Team Breezy has taken their No. 1 guy, Chris Brown, to the top of Pop Clash yet again, which means 'Fine China' has officially been retired to the Pop Clash Hall of Fame! With tens of thousands of votes casted, Chris Brown fans were practically unstoppable in our reader-voted song battles, with Brown taking out his buddy Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ciara and most recently, Jason Derulo

Although Beliebers are a tough team to conquer, Justin Bieber's pumped-up party jam 'All Around the World' couldn't overtake the smooth croonings of Brown's 'Fine China,' as the new 'X' track took out Bieber's latest collabo with Ludacris. The following week, Brown completely crushed Selena Gomez's "tribal"-inspired track 'Come & Get It,' with more than half of the votes casted for 'Fine China.'

Over the next two weeks, after Bieber and Gomez domination, Breezy duked it out against Ciara's sexy slow jam 'Body Party,' and despite the heavy sultriness she delivers, 'Fine China' just wouldn't quit it! And finally, Brown also squashed Jason Derulo's newest dance-pop singl 'The Other Side,' with Team Breezy voting non-stop till their king had the crown once again.

Way to go, you guys! All of your hard work has paid off, as Chris Brown's 'Fine China' has become our second Pop Clash hall of famer, superseding Pink's 'Just Give Me a Reason.'

Congratulations again to the fans who voted and to Chris Brown!

Watch the Chris Brown 'Fine China' Video