Video shoots can be dangerous places, we're learning. TMZ reports that Mars, a producer on the set of a video shoot for Game's new single 'Pot of Gold' with Chris Brown, was robbed at gunpoint while in his car with a friend. The robber made off with a whopping $12,000 in cash as well as some bling, too.

We're not sure why Mars was carrying over 10 grand in cash on him, and we're not going to speculate, but that's a hefty sum to lose. However, at least no one was shot, harmed or killed, and Mars and his friend made it out with their lives, albeit with lighter wallets and less accessories.

Local law enforcement officials said that mugging took place in South Los Angeles on Tuesday of this week; Mars was approximately one block away from the video set when he was robbed. It's reported that two black male suspects grabbed the loot and took off in a gray Nissan Altima.

Game and Breezy were on the set while the terrifying incident went down and were not involved.

Security guards were in place on the set. However, none of them witnessed the theft, which makes sense since the incident did take place off site.

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