So it looks as though Chris Brown was actually working in the studio when he fought Frank Ocean over a parking spot.

The 'Don't Wake Me Up' singer premiered a brand new song in front of a packed Supperclub at Diddy's bash in Los Angeles. By the sounds of it, he is clearly abandoning the EDM-feel of his last album 'Fortune' and embracing his 'Look at Me Now' side. The track doesn't feature any singing in the short clip, but Breezy's rhymes do have some pretty colorful language. A particular set of lines that stood out to us had some rhymes about gunplay -- probably not the best choice of words for someone with a noted violent history.

Rihanna is in the video for a few seconds starting at the 14 second mark. She can be seen hugging Chris, but if you blink, you'll miss it! The singer accompanied Breezy to the bash and arrived with a mysterious white substance on her over-sized black sweatshirt.

Breezy is definitely fixing to release a new album soon. Not only was he seen leaving the studio with RiRi, but he has released the ballad 'Home,' which sounds nothing like this new track. Guess the man likes to be well-rounded!