Let's hear it for the boy! Chris Brown is still on his "dropping-new-music-without-a-warning" grind. After teasing us with his rap skills on 'The Real Hip-Hop #3 and #4,' the multi-talented singer presents us with a new track from his upcoming rap-only mixtape 'Boy In Detention.'

'Strip' is a R&B song produced by the production team Tha Bizness that features Brown's partner-in-rhyme Kevin McCall. It's a bouncy synth-heavy track with Breezy crooning sophomoric double entendres to a stripper that, if he was in high school, would lead him into a lifetime of detention.

"Take it off / I want to love ya / Everybody, want to touch ya / Your movin' right / I want to see what's up under / You can back it up / Beep, Beep / Like a trucker," he sings to a sexy lap dancer that catches his eye.

McCall adds to the lust with his rap as he spits, "Dance, shout you can take it off / Panties, bra you can take it off / Red bottom heels you can take them…wait, wait leave them on 'cause I like them tall."

While 'Strip' is a cool ditty for, say, his next studio album, we much rather hear Brown rap on the mic then sing lustful songs about strippers. Hopefully, we get to hear some of MC Breezy's tough rhymes for his 'Boy in Detention' mixtape, which is due to hit the Internet on Aug. 5.

Listen to Chris Brown, 'Strip' Feat. Kevin McCall