Opera major Chris Mann had a sob story for 'The Voice' that will win him over with fans -- but based on his incredible blind audition, he doesn't even need it. Mann's mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year. The situation was obviously a tough one, and Mann wanted to quit music and focus on taking care of her. However, Mama Mann wouldn't have it. "She was at home fighting for her life, and I was out fighting for my dream ... I know I have to sing like I've never sung before," Mann said.

Mann sang Andrea Bocelli's 'Because We Believe,' and his voice was so powerful that it gave us chills! Adam Levine was visibly impressed, mouthing "wow" at the first note, but wasn't moved enough to choose Mann for his team. Cee Lo Green hit his button just as Mann reached his first crescendo. Fellow coach Christina Aguilera looked pensive, but finally hit hers. Mann pointed at her and smiled as soon as she turned around, foreshadowing his choice.

"Now that was a voice! I loved it," Aguilera said. "That was pretty phenomenal. I just love seeing the statement 'The Voice' behind you right now, because that's you."

Cee Lo tried convincing  Mann to join his roster. "That was so beautiful," Cee Lo gushed. "Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!" But he had one question: Why that song? Fellow coach Blake Shelton, who didn't choose Mann, wondered the same thing. "I couldn't understand one word you were sayin', but you're a really good singer!"

"I've tried to shrink my voice down to fit in," Mann said, his voice shaking. "I decided for this show I was just going to sing like myself."

Aguilera jumped at the bait. "Sometimes there are voices you can't shrink down. I know what to do with real vocalists!" Meanwhile, Cee Lo tried appealing through his passion for Mann's ability. "I got a perfect team for you if you want to be yourself. And I picked you first!"

Mann was in a tough spot, but chose Aguilera, who taunted her panel. "Don't be jealous!" Easy for you to say, Xtina!

Watch Chris Mann Perform 'Because We Believe' on 'The Voice'