Chris Rene's debut video for 'Young Homie,' the original song that he performed on 'X Factor,' which helped make made him a fan favorite and landed him a third place finish, has finally dropped. It's a terrific first look at Rene, namely for pop music fans that didn't watch the show and have no prior knowledge of this charming talent.

In the vid, Rene is cruising by foot through his Santa Cruz hometown, throwing props and hand gestures to his young homies as he strolls leisurely down the street while the sun warms his face. He is also shown standing in front of a roller coaster, going record shopping and wearing an ear-to-ear grin while he sings his words.

There are also a lot of kids and bros hanging and singing in a skate park, surrounding Rene while he does his thing.

The singer has that R&B and hip-hop hybrid down to a science, not to mention an infectious personality, which this video demonstrates. Rene is deft a fusing urban styles and making them wholly accessible.

If 'Young Homie' isn't a viral smash, then pop music fans aren't listening close enough. But with Epic Records and L.A. Reid in his corner, things are looking good for Chris Rene.

If you like the video, the single is available via iTunes.

Watch the Chris Rene 'Young Homie' Video