Trouble in paradise? Bachelor alum, Dancing With the Stars contestant and all-around hottie Chris Soules made a pretty telling confession about his relationship with fiancée  Whitney Bischoff, telling Glamour that he's "not even existent" to her. Yikes.

"She actually went back to Chicago this weekend," Chris explained backstage at DWTS on Tuesday (April 28).  "She had some work things to get caught up on. And now [this process is] getting really intense. I’m not even existent to her, and she’s missing friends and home, so she’s going to take some time back there, and I'm sure she’ll be back in the next couple weeks hopefully if I’m still here."

Even though the "non-existent" comment is kind of a shocker — and multiple outlets are reporting that the two are headed for a split — maybe things aren't bad as they initially seemed. After all, the second half of Chris' statement is all about how she's planning to head back to L.A. to support him on the show if he's still competing. And maybe he just means that he's never around because he's constantly busy rehearsing and doing the show.

Plus, fans of The Bachelor will remember that Whitney, a fertility nurse, was willing to move to Iowa for him and wanted the fairytale romance more than anything.

"Love is the most important. And to me it is," she said when she met Chris' family on the show. "And you do things that maybe you thought you couldn't do for a family, and that's what's important."

Not to mention the fact that the two recently shared a sweet moment on Twitter just last week:

We're rooting for ya, Chris and Whitney!