Because when it comes to divas with big, beautiful voices, one just isn't enough!

That's the philosophy that W Magazine employed with the cover shots for its July Music and Style issue, which lands on stands June 21. Both Christina Aguilera and Beyonce are featured in separate shots for a fold out cover, since both stars have built their fame on their larger-than-life voices and their unique, enviable and oft-copied personal styles.

Aguilera's cover is the more vulnerable and romantic shot. It's a softer version of 'The Voice' coach. She isn't wearing her signature, "look at me" bright red lipstick, in favor of pale, almost nude lips. Her hair is long and brushed out and she looks like the subject of a classic painting. She is also mostly naked, except for a wisp of white fabric and strategically placed boutique of of red roses (the shade she usually favors on her pucker) which she holds in front of her lady parts. Her gaze is also averted, as she is looking up. She looks ethereal and innocent, and her shapely derriere is also on display.

Beyonce's cover is (Sasha) fierce, with the singer perched against a red background, with a cap obscuring one of her smoky eyes. The Queen B is holding the collar of her unbuttoned, white and grey blouse, which dips dangerously low to reveal a cleavage shot. She is peering straight at the camera, making eye contact with her one visible peeper. Bey also boasts pouty pink lips and lots of industrial-influenced jewelry, in the form of the earring grazing her shoulder and that big, bold ring on her finger. If you like it, then you should put a ring on it!

Photos and quotes from the articles have yet to be released. But we're guessing that Xtina will discuss her resurgent fame thanks to 'The Voice' and that Beyonce will talk about her upcoming fourth solo album, '4.'

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