Christina Aguilera took center stage at the American Music Awards nominations press conference to not only rattle off the artists lucky enough to score nods, but also to dish on her performance at the show. Hint? It's not just going to be 'Your Body!'

"It's definitely going to be a representation of what 'Lotus' means to me," Aguilera said of her performance. "If you take that album cover and give it a performance twist, I'll bring that album cover to life," she teased. "I can't give too much away about the song, but it'll be a little bit of a medley. 'Your Body' is only one dimension of a very multi-layered record. Everything comes from a very sincere place, whether it's about having fun or feeling vulnerable."

"I wanted it to resemble the rebirth of myself as a woman, embracing all things me at this stage in my life: Freedom, independence, excitement and just having fun," she said of 'Lotus.' "It has some serious notes, it has some lighter notes, as 'Your Body' is more of a light, uplifting, sort of tongue-in-cheek thing that you see in the video."

'The Voice' coach talked about appearing nude on the cover of 'Lotus' and also set the record straight once more about fabricated "fat girl" quotes. For the record, comments about her shapely figure still don't really bother her, but the false attribution bugged her a little -- if only because she's more than happy to talk about her body confidence. Us Weekly mistakenly fabricated an entire block quote about Xtina's label dealing with her new figure, attributing it to Billboard -- but the quotes never even appeared in the mag!

"Have I ever been scared to take risks?" she laughed. "I'm very comfortable with my body. I've always said, no matter what hairstyle, crazy look, make-up, I've always done [the] exciting thing," she explained. "Whether people love it or hate it, at least I know I was staying true to myself. I find it boring to just play it safe."