Ever since her song 'Jar of Hearts' played on an episode of FOX's 'So You Think You Can Dance' in 2010, Christina Perri has become a fixture on many pop fans' iPods. The singer-songwriter has been quickly building a fan base thanks to her emotional lyrics and superior, moving vocals. PopCrush was able to catch up with Perri to discuss the release of her debut album 'lovestrong.,' how it feels to be headlining her own tour, and the reaction she had when she saw the 'Glee' cast perform 'Jar of Hearts' on the musical sitcom.

You've had a really big year, with the release of your debut album 'lovestrong.' and touring with James Blunt. How does it feel to come-off of your first-ever tour and jump right in to a headlining tour?
Ahh, it's such a great crazy feeling! James Blunt was my first tour ever, so to jump like that so fast into a headlining slot, I was blown away. I didn't really even believe it until we started selling out the shows and I was like, "Oh my god, it's actually happening!" I'm so excited to bring out [opening act] HoneyHoney and just have a fun night of music and to go to the towns of these wonderful people who buy my music. I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet, actually.

What can people expect from a Christina Perri headlining show?
I think people can expect my big voice, my soul and guts, and incredible musicianship from my band -- vulnerability, rock and roll, blues, pop, and way too many jokes from my drummer Elmo Lovano. I think it'll be fun and I hope it fills your heart with feelings.

Other than music, what passions do you have?
My biggest passions are love, music, family and food!

Having a song played on one of the most-watched shows on television is not new to you, but what was your reaction when you heard that 'Glee' was going to take on 'Jar of Hearts?' Do you think they/Lea Michele did it justice?
When I heard about 'Glee' I totally didn't believe it ... And on the day my album came out too! It was too amazing! I thought for sure it was a joke someone was playing on me! I didn't believe it until I heard it and I was blown away! Lea is so amazing! She sings it better then me! I loved the version -- I loved how they kept it identical to mine and that she just sang the crap out of it. Yay her and yay 'Glee'!

Tell us the story behind your sophomore single, 'Arms.'
'Arms' is about overcoming your fear of being loved. I feel like the moment we fall in love, this wall pops up and tells us we're not lovable or that we're gonna mess it up ... So I wrote 'Arms' about the battle with fear; And, in the end, love wins!

What's your favorite track on 'lovestrong.'?
Ahh! It changes all the time. Right now my favorite is 'Tragedy.' It's the oldest song I wrote and it's identical to when I was 15. I think I feel the strongest when I sing it and it makes me very proud of my album.

What will be the third single from your album?
I don't know yet! I want the world to decide.

You were picked up in a non-traditional way. Based on what you've learned since then, what advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue music as a career?
The best advice and most realistic to me and my story is to not give up when it's the hardest. I feel like so many people miss out on their dreams the moment it gets too hard. I almost quit 20 times right before everything happened, and I would have missed this whole life if I did. Courage separates the boys from the men. So go! Never give up!

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow -- but if i had to guess, I would hope I'm happy, singing, loving and still learning.

What's the most inspirational piece of advice you've ever been given?
"You're enough just as you are."

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