Ciara just released another song off her upcoming album, Jackie, called "That's How I'm Feelin'." The upbeat, synth track is a collaborative effort between Ciara, Pitbull and Missy Elliott, and we'll be real with you: Obsessed is not a strong enough word to describe the way we feel about it.

Have you ever consumed tequila while sad? We do not recommend it. But if "That's How I'm Feelin'" happens to be playing in the background of whatever makeshift club you're in at the time -- be it a Tinder date's basement, Hilary Duff, the back of an Uber or your dimly lit bedroom at home -- it might not be a terrible idea to take a shot and ignore your feelings for a while. Even Ciara's doing it. She sings, "I don't drink but I might take a few shots for tonight / I might get messed up but at least I'll be feeling just right." And like, same. If this song doesn't turn your frown upside down, we're pretty sure nothing on this terrible planet will.

Pitbull comes in later and you either love him or hate him in every iteration, but how can you hate someone who delivers the same Spanglish-infused verse in everything he's ever featured on? In case you were wondering, he would like to "please you baby / Explore your private parts in a private place." Ya tu sabe.

It was nice of Ciara to let Pitbull go first, because Missy Elliot seriously kills it right after. But really, the phrase "Save the best for last" is especially true when it comes to the much missed rapper, so we get it.

Ciara's sixth album Jackie officially drops on May 4, but you can listen to "That's How I'm Feelin'" above in the meantime. And you should.

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