R&B chanteuse Ciara has been fighting rumors that she's a lot more 'Like A Boy' than most. The latest 'Pop Up Video' installment revealed the truth about those nagging hermaphrodite rumors -- as well as the inspiration behind her get up, her costars and more.

The video opens with Ciara dancing on her onscreen boyfriend, portrayed by running back Reggie Bush. What convenient timing -- Kim Kardashian is single again! In the video, Bush is portrayed as a cheater, and one of the pop ups reveals that it's true. While no rumors of romantic infidelity have been founded, the NCAA caught Bush for getting paid to play college football.

Ciara imagines what it'd be like to act like her cheating boyfriend, which would imply that she and Bush needed to act serious. It didn't come easily -- a bubble said the pair laughed every time they got close! Bush's positive attitude was so infectious that smitten backup dancers followed him around the set.

She's also a flexible one. Ciara's 'Matrix'-style backbend was real, no camera tricks, wires or special effects required. Wow! In addition to dancing with Bush and her backup dancers, Ciara also danced with herself -- literally! In her scenes where she's dressed in a suit and fedora dancing alongside herself in a white dress, Ciara does all the dancing, which she filmed with a body double (who was later digitally erased).

Ciara, clad in a white tank, baggy jeans, chains and a hat, came under scrutiny for playing the masculine role too well. Rumors swirled that she announced she was a hermaphrodite on 'Oprah.' One problem with those rumors: Ciara never appeared on 'Oprah.' Another problem with those rumors: They're completely false! Ciara is a beautiful, natural woman.

Though she's never appeared on Oprah's show, Ciara looks up to her -- and if she were a combination of a man and a woman, she's said that she wants to be a combination of P. Diddy and Oprah. It would prove lucrative -- their combined net worth is $3.2 billion!

One man Ciara denies trying to be like? Her ex, Bow Wow. Ciara's backup dancers based their looks on men who broke their hearts. Rapper Bow Wow claims that Ciara's look is based on him -- something she adamantly denies. The pair had a painful split after Bow Wow was spotted with a stripper. In reality, the video resembles less of Bow Wow and more of Beyonce. Do you think 'Like A Boy' inspired Queen B's 'If I Were A Boy?'

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