Even big stars like Cody Simpson aren't exempt from painful breakups. The 14-year-old Aussie teen icon shows off his emotional side in his heartfelt new music video for his single 'Not Just You.'

At first, we're pretty sure this story will have a fairytale ending, because when the video opens we see Cody on the beach soaking up some summer sunshine with his girl. But when colder weather comes around, the air changes their relationship and it's clearly on the brink of breaking apart because of something Cody did.

Sure, he's sorry, but as we can tell in the clip, he did something pretty bad, because he's struggling quite a bit to get his lady back. When he's not mourning the loss in a snowy alley-way, the talented kid is shown backlit by sunset, rocking his best Michael Jackson moves and teaching guys everywhere how to win over the ladies (hint: it's with a guitar).

Finally, after crying out his inner-most feelings, the blond Australian meets up with his girl at the train station and apologizes for his actions -- whatever they were -- and assures her that he's in pain too. Sadly, in the end he walks away empty handed, and teenage girls everywhere regain a glimmer of hope for their chance with Cody Simpson.

'Not Just You' appears on Cody's new 'Coast to Coast' EP.

Watch the Cody Simpson 'Not Just You' Video