UPDATE: Kendall Schmidt is the winner of this round and has moved on to the finals. You can vote for him in the final round here!

In the semi-final round of PopCrush Prom King of 2014, Cody Simpson and Kendall Schmidt are facing off for the crown! During Round 1, Cody beat out the Vamps' James McVey with more than 56% of votes, while Kendall dominated Nick Jonas with more than 54% of votes. But only one pop star can move on to compete in the final round in the hope to ultimately be crowned PopCrush Prom King of 2014. Who will it be?

Ladies, we can't deny that Cody Simpson would make an awesome Prom King! With those surfer-boy looks, sexy Aussie accent and that voice, there's no doubt in our minds that Cody could totally take home the high school honor. Plus, we already know he can move, teaching fans the Dougie and certainly picking up some pro tips while he competed on 'Dancing With the Stars,' so he could totally hold his own on the dance floor.

Kendall Schmidt is always backed by his diehard Rushers and Drivers, so we know that his fans would vote like crazy for him to be crowned Prom King -- and we can see why! Not only is the singing hottie a talented and prominent member of both Big Time Rush and Heffron Drive, he's also a proud supporter of his fellow BTR bandmates, and we love a guy who is super close with his buds. And you know if Kendall were to request 112's 'Peaches & Cream' at the prom, girls everywhere would lose their minds. After all, he revealed to us that the smooth song was on his teenage makeout playlist.

Vote for either Cody or Kendall once per hour until the polls close at 12 PM ET on Tuesday, May 27. The winner will go on to face another competitor in the final round, where we will ultimately crown one male pop star to be Prom King of 2014.