UPDATE: Taylor Swift is the winner of this round and has moved on to the finals. You can vote for her in the final round here!

It's a pop star bestie face-off in this semi-final round of PopCrush Prom Queen of 2014! Both Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez won their respective battles in Round 1, with T. Swift edging Miley Cyrus out of the competition with more than 52% of votes, and Selena beating out Lorde in a landslide victory, garnering more than 68% of votes. Now, Taylor and Selena are duking it out for the title in our friendly competition, but only one lady of pop can be crowned PopCrush Prom Queen of 2014. Who should win?

Taylor Swift has the look of a Prom Queen down-pat, with her classic beauty, supermodel-length legs and fondness for twirling around in sparkly dresses. But beyond the superficial, she also embodies all of the most admirable qualities of a Prom Queen, including her sweet demeanor, undying compassion and a sense of genuine generosity that extends to her beloved Swifties. Taylor Swift is the complete package.

Selena Gomez is a tough contendor for the crown as well, especially with her army of Selenators behind her. Selena's style is always elegant and classy, so you can imagine that her prom dress would be something gorgeously chic and flattering. Like Taylor, Selena also embodies exactly the kind of traits we'd want to see in a Prom Queen: she's charitable, endlessly giving and always tries to send the right message to her fans. We also love her spunky attitude, a bold trait that is perfectly mixed with the overall kindness she radiates out.

Who should move closer to becoming crowned PopCrush Prom Queen of 2014? You can vote for Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez once per hour until the polls close at 12 PM ET on Tuesday, May 27. The winner of this round will then move on to the final round of the competition, where she will face off against another female pop star before the ultimate victor is crowned PopCrush Prom Queen of 2014.