As comedians do, Conan O'Brien made sure to get his light-hearted stab at 13-year-old Rebecca Black's viral YouTube music video, 'Friday.'

Black's 'Friday' party video, for whatever reason, grew to be a pop culture phenomenon in a matter of a few days. Now, the video sits proudly (or maybe not) with nearly 40-million views on YouTube. Perhaps it's the hypnotic auto-tuning that draws us to Black -- or just the hilarious simplicity of the lyrics. In any case, 'Friday' is one for the books.

In this comedic gold clip from his TBS show, 'Conan,' the red-headed funny man is angry that Black ripped off his song, 'Thursday,' which he claims to have written a few weeks earlier. Laugh along with the audience as Conan learns the order of the days of the week and eats cereal on the hood of his car -- all in the name of good fun.

Check Out Conan O'Brien's Spoof of Rebecca Black, 'Friday'