Swedish House Mafia will cease performing together live, but it's as though they wanted to make sure  we danced our faces off to their swan song, 'Don't You Worry Child.' The song is their sixth and final single, and because of that, it's a wee bit wistful, almost in the vein of David Guetta's 'Without You' collabo with Usher.

This song, like the aforementioned 'Without You,' expertly mixes pop melodies with dance music sensibilities. It's certainly so much more than just another EDM track that gets blood and adrenaline pumping. It follows a pop song structure, building up to the sweeping chorus, and it has an emotional component, due to the lyrics. Did we mention it really reminds us of 'Without You,' in its depth, breadth and scope? Yeah, it does.

It's certainly a satisfying sendoff from the trio.


Watch the Swedish House Mafia 'Don't You Worry Child' (Live) Video