We let you hear a snippet from Dappy's collaboration with the Wanted a couple of weeks ago -- and if you liked what you heard then, you'll be happy to know the whole thing is available now.

The new track, 'Bring It Home,' is the latest release from Dappy's debut full-length effort, 'Bad Intentions.' Overseas, the album has already spawned four hit singles, including the hit 'Rockstar,' featuring guitar work from Brian May of Queen.

Dappy's run of UK hits is all the more impressive considering 'Bad Intentions' didn't even arrive in stores until today (Oct. 22). The album currently doesn't have an American release scheduled, but with this kind of success overseas, it's surely only a matter of time before we start hearing him on our airwaves too.

Meanwhile, the Wanted are staying busy getting ready to release their next record -- in fact, they've already dropped the video for the next record's leadoff single, 'I Found You.' The new album, titled 'Over:Sound,' is currently scheduled for release sometime in December -- which might seem like a long time to wait for Wanted fans, but at least they can tide themselves over with 'Bring It Home,' embedded below.