The Wanted are gearing up to release a new record, but they still have time to contribute to other artists' work, too. The boy band guested on British rapper Dappy's track 'Bring It Home.'

In a teaser for the rapper's upcoming album, 'Bad Intentions,' we're treated to a hook by the Brit hotties at about 8:29 in. The song sounds a lot like something we'd hear on one of their own records. The boys sing, "In the light / There's nowhere else to hide / Tell me what you're waiting for / What you living for / We're bringing it home / Nowhere left to hide / 'Cause we are, we are, we are the only ones who can bring it home." It's extremely catchy, and if you're not big on the falsetto-fied 'I Found You,' this may be more your speed.

The Wanted are working with LMFAO on their own upcoming album, and they couldn't be more excited about it. “Real, real, cool guys, and their production on tracks is just insane," Nathan Sykes said of the on-hiatus duo. "They've just been off to Brazil and they came back with all these new fresh sounds; it was cool working with them. I’m not sure if the sounds are a bit too wild to go on this album, but it was a great experience.”

As for when we can expect their own album to come out, we may have to wait a while. Tom Parker said, “Everyone’s talking about like November-ish, but then we were like, ‘If the album’s not ready for November, then we’re going to do it in, like, the first quarter of the New Year.”

Based on what we've heard so far, we can't wait. Get cracking, boys!

Listen to Dappy Feat. the Wanted, 'Bring It Home'