Anyone who has ever felt the pain of being in a long-distance relationship will probably bawl their eyes out while watching the music video for A Great Big World's 'Already Home.' The moving video centers on two bi-coastal lovers, played by 'Glee's' Darren Criss and former 'Gossip Girl' star Jessica Szohr, as they go about their days, participating in the same activities as each other in order to feel close despite the distance.

The band does an incredible job of setting the scene for the young couple, as the piano strains every last note and both Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino belt out the heartfelt lyrics. "If only New York wasn't so far away / I promise the city won't get in our way," Vaccarino sings on the chorus. "When you're scared and alone / Just know that I'm already home."

Both Criss and Szohr exist in split-screen images, as Criss' character is in California and Szohr -- who has also starred in music videos for Taylor Swift and Daughtry -- lives in New York. While the use of the split-screen makes their separation all the more palpable, ultimately, the moving video gives us a happy ending as Criss crosses the split-screen to lock lips with Szohr. Get the tissues ready.

Watch A Great Big World's 'Already Home' music video above!