If you saw 'Glee' last night (Oct. 4), you saw a bunch of devastating breakups -- but probably none as depressing as the "Klaine" split. Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) parted ways after Blaine admitted to cheating on Kurt when he felt lonely and hurt. Now, Criss is thanking fans for giving him the opportunity to steal not just Kurt's heart, but ours, too.

In a heartfelt letter posted on his official Facebook page, Criss expressed his appreciation and awe at just how much love Blaine got as a character and that he himself received as one of the show's breakout stars. He described his early days as a singer in cafes and open mic nights, then the fateful phone call that changed everything: He'd been cast as Blaine!

Criss, like many stars today, has social media in part to thank for his success -- and he knows it. "We live in an unprecedented age of social connectivity, and I am happy to say that you none of you have failed to take full advantage of that. Don’t think I’m not aware of how active the fandom is, or how much impact is has," he gushed gratefully. "Remember: Not only am I fan myself, but I do have an internet connection. I see the gifs, I see the fanfics, I see the memes, and it’s all amazing stuff. Though I haven’t met the majority of you, it’s a real thrill to know that many of your lives have come together on behalf of mine."

Since Ryan Murphy can be pretty unpredictable, Blaine's storyline may well have been a much shorter arc had the fans not spoken out about how much they adored Darren Criss in the role (and we're sure the record breaking 'Teenage Dream' cover helped, too).

Our favorite part of Criss' letter was the end, where he revealed that a certain Katy Perry song was covered once more to thank his supporters. What a class act!

Tonight is the premiere of the dreaded break-up episode. For many Glee fans, I imagine there will more than reason to be sad. But cheer up, think of it this way: much of your support has allowed me to be on this show long enough to reach a breakup in the first place; it has created a relationship that people cared enough about whereby it was even worth writing an episode about its potential end. I never thought I would get to be around long enough for something like that. And I really have you, the fans to thank for it. It’s something to be proud of.

What’s more, I was even asked to play my own arrangement of teenage dream for this episode- an acoustic piano version which so many of you have supported since I sang it as my first song on my very first episode. I started playing this version at shows as a sort of “thank you” to the fans, for making it such a big song for both myself and the show. It was the song that started everything.

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