Brooklyn hip-hop hipsters Das Racist took the stage on 'Conan' last night (Nov. 28) to perform the song 'Michael Jackson.' Das Racist's quirky brand of hip-hop is avant garde and ultimately polarizing so it's not for everyone, especially more mainstream fans of the genre. However, when they take the stage, all eyes are on them. In this captivating, eye magnetizing performance, the group performed with a podium as part of the set, with hot ladies smashing at the cymbals and some keyboards.

The most arresting part of the performance came when a Michael Jackson doppelganger moonwalked and grooved his way across the stage. This guy had the King of Pop's moves down pat and he certainly channeled the real thing, with his crisp white button down and black trousers. But it was not a replacement for the man who was an inimitable original. It's likely the same MJ from the band's controversial video.

The song appears on the new album 'Relax,' out now.

Depending on your taste, you'll either love or hate this performance. But it'll certainly get you talking.

Watch Das Racist Perform on 'Conan'