The gripping and suggestive video for 'Without You' -- David Guetta's buoyant new song featuring Usher -- demonstrates the universal, connective power of music. It's certainly not a new sentiment, but it's made in a unique way, courtesy of this vid.

It's one of the most subtle ways to make a political and cultural statement, as an aerial view of earth sees the continents connecting, thanks to music. That's a big, bold proclamation via video, and we love it. After issue teasers of the video here and there, the whole thing has landed and it does not disappoint.

First, we see Usher singing on the beach and he's emoting intensely. The time/location stamp indicates Thailand and then the U.S. Guetta is twiddling knobs on a beach and everyone is jumping and dancing as streets crack and the sand rumbles under their feet.

Everyone is dancing but they are also smiling! Essentially, the video suggests that music is the universal language and a true connector, as well as being a mood elevator and enhancer. It also apparently makes tectonic plates shift!

It's a striking image when the continents begin to fit one another like jigsaw puzzle pieces, erasing differences and boundary lines, thanks to music! Race, creed, color, religions and everything else that separates and classifies humans falls by the wayside in favor of becoming one.

Nice job, David Guetta and Usher. This video is resonant in more ways than one.

Watch the David Guetta 'Without You' Video Feat. Ushe