Demi Lovato had a run-in with a Beatle ... when she almost ran one over with her car!

Lovato announced on Twitter that she nearly mowed down none other than Sir Paul McCartney. How did that happen?! She explained in detail:

We previously got a taste of Lovato's driving skills in a video she made for her fans explaining the meaning behind her latest hit, 'Give Your Heart a Break.' The 'Stay Strong' starlet cruises along a winding road and seems to be perfectly in control of her vehicle, granted there were no rock legends or pedestrians present.

The only thing Lovato may be more excited about than almost crashing into Macca? Her upcoming fourth album. She recently tweeted to fans, "So excited to start writing for my fourth album!!!! : D This time there's NO holding back.." Here's hoping she only means in her music, and not on her gas pedal!