While many Lovatics look up to Demi Lovato for fashion inspiration, the 22-year-old singer has credited Beyonce and Kim Kardashian for redefining what it means for the modern woman to be beautiful.

Lovato spoke to Access Hollywood (quotes via Us Weekly) and admitted that after struggling with her own self-image issues, people such as Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have paved the way for women to be proud of who they are, even if they don't fit the mold of having the tall, skinny look.

"I really credit women like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. [They] completely revolutionized our generation's view ... of what beautiful is," she claimed. "You can think whatever you want about the Kardashians, but they really did help tons of women feel comfortable in their own skin, and I like to carry that message on."

The 'Skyscraper' singer attended the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 24 wearing a red deep cleavage dress and admits that she feels better about her figure now than she did at her first VMAs when she was 16 years old. "I may have been thinner, but I am so happy that I am healthy today and I have curves, which are a lot sexier than what I was aiming for," she explained. "I think curves are beautiful, and I feel great."

Over the years, Lovato has been an active participant in philanthropic endeavors related to young women and self-esteem and self-acceptance.

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