Bizzy Crook's new single 'This is Me,' featuring newly rehabbed teen queen Demi Lovato, is summer-ready hip-hop. The new video for the song certainly represents that notion, as the youth of today are prominently featured in the video.

They are seen skateboarding on ramps at the skate park and sporting Adidas hoodies and camo shorts as their mandated youth uniform. While Lovato's lovely voice dominates the chorus of the song, she's MIA and absolutely nowhere to be found in the video. So if you're looking for her, rest assured: You won't find her. We were surprised she didn't at least make a cameo, but the video is no worse for wear without her presence. It's a short, sweet clip that makes us want to head to the local skate park and practice our moves, even though we know we'll wipe out more than once.

The video is a sausage party, featuring a myriad of dudes and hardly any ladies in the visual mix. But, if anything, you'll want to grab a tall glass of lemonade and head outside to bask in the sun's rays after watching this video. It's that summer ready.

Watch the Video for 'This is Me' By Dizzy Crook Featuring Demi Lovato