Demi Lovato filmed a special sit down with E! host Giuliana Rancic to coincide with the 'Give Your Heart a Break' video bow. Well, the vid leaked ahead of the planned premiere, but the special aired as scheduled last night (April 2.) During the frank and candid conversation, Lovato recalled how she had sank into diva-like behavior before she headed to rehab for treatment. If we could only love and respect one thing about Demi -- since there are so many things to love and respect about her -- it would be her honesty. There are no bounds to what she'll share, and her honesty is refreshing.

"I have been through a lot in the past year and a half, and before then, I didn't appreciate it fully," the singer said about her gig. "There have been times in my past, where I acted really diva-ish. I wasn't the most pleasant person to work with. After treatment, I knew I might not have the same career afterwards, and that was scary to me." That realization, which was powerful, made her live each day to the fullest, since she now abides by the credo that you might not have any of this tomorrow, so do as much as you can while you have a voice.

Lovato, in sky high heels, leather leggings and crimson lipstick, spoke about some of the key details pertaining to 'Give Your Heart a Break,' as a song and a video. "It was recorded a year-and-a-half ago, so I wasn't in a relationship then. But when I sing it now, I think of someone, make it as relatable as I can. It's a love song about having faith." The video also turns the tables on the notion that men have to do something romantic for women, instead having a woman doing something incredibly beautiful for her man, which she does in the vid!

She also commented one of the most valuable lessons that she has learned is that she has to love herself before anyone else, and that women can be independent on their own, without significant others. That's something we can get behind!