Demi Lovato's high-energy, kick-ass music video for her single "Confident" gave those of us who watched it with rapt attention a sudden desire to see the "Cool For the Summer' singer star in an action movie. And while Demi has yet to sign onto a summer blockbuster hit, she'll at least sort of deliver on that dream in the form of a television show.

Set to appear alongside her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in the supernatural crime thriller, Demi will play the role of Maia in the final two season episodes on the TV show From Dusk Till Dawn. Entertainment Weekly describes Demi’s Maia as “the sexy sidekick to Valderrama’s character, Carlos Madrigal.”

In a preview clip for one of the upcoming episodes (which you can check out above), a leather-clad Lovato steps in to rescue her friends as she holds a gun to a guy’s head before tearing off her mask and saying, “Who the f—k are you? Nobody messes with my man.”

The series is directed by Robert Rodriguez, who also directed Demi’s “Confident” music video. So, even if you brush her romantic relationship with Valderrama aside, Demi’s guest role on the show makes sense.

You can catch Demi on From Dusk Till Dawn when her episodes -- titled “There Will Be Blood” and “Santa Sangre” -- air on Tuesday October 20 and Tuesday October 27, respectively, both at 9PM EST on the El Rey Network.

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