Demi Lovato is fast becoming our favorite talk-show guest ever! She recently brought a bucketload of charm and a big dose of dish to both 'Live With Kelly and Michael' and 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' but Demi managed to save some good stuff for her appearance on Monday's (Sept. 30) 'Conan.'

Dressed yet again like a total rock star in mostly black, Demi once more poked fun at fellow 'X Factor' judge Simon Cowell, and did her duty promoting her new book and upcoming tour. She also once again addressed America's great interest in twerking ("I don't really know what it is ... is it like twitching and working?").

But she saved the best for a story about going to an indoor rock-climbing facility with a friend, squarely (and unfairly) placing the blame on her for what went down -- and what went down was Demi!

"I am jumping from one rock-climbing thing to the other, and I'm so excited," Demi recalls to Conan. "I get to the middle of one of the walls, kind of high up. And I realize it's hard and I can't go any farther. I push off, because that's what you do when you want to jump down when you go rock climbing, and I started falling really fast. And I realized that I never actually harnessed myself in. I was just, like, Spiderman-ing it, you know?"

"My friend Natalie ... she let me fall!" Demi says, laughing. "Well, I fell because I was an idiot."