Demi Lovato will follow up the sweeping, dramatic ballad 'Skyscraper' from her new album 'Unbroken' with the more upbeat 'Who's That Boy,' which she performed on 'Good Morning America' last week in advance of the album's bow.

"It's 'Who's That Boy' ft. @Devishot," Demi tweeted (as per Ace Showbiz )

Lovato is said to be working on a video for the sassy, flirty track, too! She is also already thinking remixes, telling MTV that "I'd love to hear the feedback on who would want to remix. We actually have a remix on the album by Wizz Dumb, and he remixed 'Skyscraper,' and it sounds really awesome. You can check that out. It's on the album."

Lovato also would like Lil Wayne to take a stab at remixing her stuff. She has covered his song 'How to Love' and now she'd like to team up with Weezy. She said, "That would be amazing. I've never met him in my life, so if I got to be onstage with him, I would just die."

Weezy, you listening?

Things are super busy in Demi Lovato's world and once again, 2011 is such a comeback year for her and she's handling the juggling act with class and grace!