Britney Spears has been seen hanging out with a normal, non-famous young gentleman named David. The two were photographed on Valentine's Day, on a possible date, which had media types talking about a new romance and sounding the "NEW COUPLE ALERT" while oohing and aahing about the fact that Brit was moving on from former fiancé Jason Trawick on the quick. New info about David has arisen.

We already knew he works in the field for a law firm (read: not a lawyer) and that he loves golf. He is not native to Los Angeles.

New deets? His full name is David Lucado and he is originally from Appomattox, Va. He lived in Atlanta for a bit and he moved to L.A. for a relationship, but that has since ended. He is single and may or may not be casually hooking up with Brit Brit.

He is said to be a likable, fun-loving dude that would not pursue a starlet like Brit. He isn't into the Hollywood scene and has no ties to the music biz. He insists that he and the 'Criminal' singer are nothing more than friends.

Lucado also looks like the guy next door, which is not usually Brit's type.

Well, when you somehow cross paths with Britney Spears, sometimes things change. We love that they are both from the south.

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