Dev may be pregnant with her first child -- it's a girl -- but the 22-year-old electro pop singer is proving to be quite a MILF! The Fabolous-assisted remix of the song 'Kiss My Lips,' from her pushed back 'The Night the Sun Came Up' album (now set to drop in January), has surfaced online and damn, it's hot.

The song was recorded before Dev announced her bun-in-oven status, and it's overly sexafied. Dev's a young girl; she has urges, needs, desires. From the sounds of the bursting-with-sexual-energy 'Kiss My Lips,' she corralled her physical wants into the song! The remix features rapper Fabolous, who adds a little hip-hop flavor tossing off the phrases "Hands up" and "Tell 'em to kiss my..." in the beginning. He does pose a bold question -- asking which lips Dev is referring in the mid-song rap. The song's power lies in the suggestion, not what is actually said. See, we told you it was sexalicious.

Dev softens her tough, sing/talk style, which has been compared to that of Kesha, with the way she sings.
She coos "Get your hand off my hip / Kiss my lips / Kiss my lips / Kiss me all over / Are you gonna take that risk? / Take that risk? / Cause we're only getting older" in a breathy, almost submissive and uber femme voice.

She's suggesting a little romance over a scratched, looped beat. Dev drops this little "Hey hey hey hey" vocal part that sounds like she's panting. That’s where Dev differs from Kesha; she's a dirty girl, but she's more approachable and can drift into sexed up territory without resorting to a bratty, domaintrix style.

When Dev begs, "Promise not to stop when I say so," it's a familiar sentiment but she makes it sound new because she presents it in a slow and low, electro package.

The plugged in generation has a new makeout session anthem and it's 'Kiss My Lips.'

Listen to Dev, 'Kiss My Lips'