'The Voice' Season 1 runner up Dia Frampton is back to doing covers. This time the Blake Shelton protege took her talents to Lana Del Rey's ubiquitous 'Video Games.'

Frampton's video has the same grainy, Instagram look as Del Rey's original, but the similarities end there. Clad in a vibrant purple blouse, Frampton looks comfy and cozy on a bed. Clutching her guitar, she performs an acoustic rendition of the hit. Aside from the lyrics and melody, the song sounds completely different.

Frampton's voice isn't nearly as breathy nor ethereal as Del Rey's, and at times she adopts an almost infantilized quality. She does it so frequently that the song's interpretation can actually be altered. Don't believe us? Listen again. When, in a song called 'Video Games,' Frampton sings "I heard you like the bad girls, honey / Is that true?" in the nasal tone of an elementary schooler, she sounds like a girl with a school yard crush on a boy who digs girls in detention.

Frampton's description of the cover was simply, "Messing around on our day off in New York at a friend's house." Maybe we'll get more covers like this in her new web series, 'Dia's Next Stage!' Do you think an 'SNL' performance is next?

Watch Dia Frampton Cover  'Video Games'