Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed lately. Lady Gaga sure is in a dissing mood and has her knickers in a knot. While she was not at the VMAs on Thursday (Sept. 6), she was certainly watching the show and taking it all in. She even sent a not-so-nice tweet to MTV! Apparently, she was in a bit of a cranky mood and felt that Nicki Minaj's sparkly catsuit was a little too familiar to something she herself wore.

While we thought Minaj channeled Gaga's NYE look -- in the photo pictured above -- Gaga thought Minaj was aping a different catsuit. She apparently posted a video of a performance of 'Telephone' in Japan, in which she wears a sparkly skintight bodysuit and curly blonde hair, on her Little Monsters site. She captioned it: "I'm have no comment tbh, hahahhahahahha." Her tweet in this instance was not as biting as the one she posted to MTV, and it includes a laugh, but if she said it, she thought it, right?

She eventually removed the post, but it lives on, thanks to the wily Internet, where nothing ever dies. You can see it here.

Now that we've thought about it for a few minutes, the fact that she said she had no comment doesn't necessarily mean that she was dissing the femcee for copying off her. She doesn't do anything of the sort. She just chooses not to comment. But to some, that is a comment in and of itself.

We can't tell if Gaga is dissing or not. What do you think, PopCrushers?

Best to let this one simmer, right?

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Telephone' in Sparkly Catsuit