After a week of bad PR in the aftermath of his ridiculous behavior in an Atlanta club, Diddy does some good in his native hometown of Harlem, N.Y. The rap mogul has rescued the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem from closing it doors with a sizable donation.

A representative for the Harlem facility of the BGC wouldn't disclose how much of a gift Diddy gave to them but he insists that it was large enough for them to continue providing their services. "Mr. Combs' contribution comes at a time when we were faced with the possibility of eliminating existing programs and/or club sites," said Willie C. Bentley, Jr. Board Member and Resource Development Chair via a statement. "100 percent of Mr. Combs' contribution will go directly to the young people, and provide educational, recreational and social enrichment programs allowing us to move forward as a club, uninterrupted."

Diddy's contribution will significantly help with the organization's operations budget, which has been severely cut due to enormous strains in the federal, state and private funding. The Boys & Girls Club is an organization dedicated to helping the youth and providing a sanctuary for creativity and positive reinforcements in local communities.

Way to go Diddy! We salute you for your altruistic gift to the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem.