French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier was the architect of Madonna's super sexy (some would say risque) image in the '90s, namely those iconic, cone-bra corsets that the Material Girl wore with regularlity. Now that JPG has been anointed the creative director of the soft drink company, according to, he has designed a fashionable and chic set of Diet Coke bottles for Europe.

While we don't normally think of soda bottles as fashion statements, these babies most certainly are! The pink bottles boast corset-like designs, and of course, Madge's famous outfit. The commercial below is only 11 seconds long, but gives you a good indicator of what the bottles look like. If you are a fashionista, you will most certainly want to hunt down these bottles and store them on a shelf for decorative purposes ... after you finish off the low-calorie soft drink contained within.

Madge is currently on the promotional blitz for her new fragrance Truth or Dare -- her first! -- and glossing over the fact that 'MDNA' plummeted down the charts, experiencing the biggest second week drop in the Billboard Top 200 history. Despite that professional set back, Madge has plenty of other branding options to explore.

Watch Diet Coke Commercial Featuring Madonna-Inspired Bottle