DJ Khaled is thankful to be alive after his tour bus caught on fire and exploded on the highway last week. A video of Khaled reflecting on his loss as he watches his bus become an inferno on wheels has been making the rounds on the Internet.

Despite the setback, Khaled was still able to keep up with his busy touring schedule thanks to his buddy Birdman who lent him one of his tour buses. As far as the bus explosion, the Miami DJ explained that the bus was driving on a bare tire and it started to heat up. By the time the bus driver could inspect the tire it was completely on fire. The flames then reached the gas tank, which resulted in the bus exploding on the side of the road.

"No longer than five minutes, the whole bus was completely on fire," Khaled told Sway on RapFix. "I wasn't scared. I got real stressed at [the] moment and then I had to stop, and my camera man, Daze, was like 'I'm gonna film this. I gotta capture this.'"

"And I got mad at him because I [was] pissed off," he continues. "But I said, 'You know what, he's right.' We need to document it so people can understand that it's not all about the good life. We all go through pain and stress."

Among Khaled's losses were jewelry valued up to $600,000 and 150 pairs of Air Jordan sneakers. However, he did manage to save the music that was stored on his external hard drive and laptop computer. "I was on my laptop listening to my album. It's the only thing I grabbed," he said. "That's the album. Very important... Everybody sacrificed to make sure we got the laptop and the drive."

We're glad to hear that DJ Khaled and his crew are safe and alive from this bus accident. We wish him safe travels on the road.

Watch DJ Khaled Talk About Tour Bus Fire