For someone who's as desperate to get to the beach as Joe Jonas, his new band, DNCE, isn't doing much to escape the city limits.

The four-piece group, who made their big debut at an intimate New York City performance earlier this month, released the lyric video for their first single, "Cake by the Ocean," today (September 29). Though it's coastlines they say they're after, DNCE seem remarkably content to just spend the evening touring around Manhattan.

"Talk to me baby / I'm going blind from this sweet, sweet craving," Jonas sings as the '70's inspired dance tune crescendos into the chorus and the bass line picks up. "Let's lose our minds and go f---ing crazy."

The footage for the song, a thinly veiled allusion to some good ol' fashioned beach sex, finds the group performing for an eager crowd in a darkened club, and, later driving around town with the top down in a beige convertible.

According to Complexthe titular euphemism comes from some confusion surrounding a drink order. One night, Jonas overheard producers Mattman & Robin saying they could go for some cake by the ocean, only to realize that they were actually referring to a pair of Sex on the Beach cocktails. And, thus, your new favorite method of double-speak was born...

Check out the video, tell us what you think and be sure to check out DNCE on The Tonight Show at 11:35 EST on NBC!

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