Dr. Dre gets brought back to life through the power of Enimem and Skylar Grey's love in the epic new video for 'I Need a Doctor.' The new single is from the legendary producer's long-long-long-awaited third solo album 'Detox.'

The seven-and-a-half minute clip starts off in 2001, around the time of Dre's last album, and shows the star racing a fancy sports car down a mountain road as a montage of clips from his personal and professional life (up to that point) play in his head. Clearly, our hero seems to be running away from some personal demons. He ends up rolling the car in a devastating, and no doubt extremely expensive to film, accident.

Cut to present day, and the doctor is now a patient in a half-modern, half-Frankenstein looking medical facility, unconscious even after all these years. Eminem comes by and spends the first three or four verses doing an extended "I love you, you've gotta fight for life" type of speech, interrupted only by a shameless plug for HP computers. Oh, and somehow at one point Dre gets transported into Luke Skywalker's healing bathtub thing from 'Empire Strikes Back.'

Meanwhile, Grey floats around like a ghost, delivering the song's melodic chorus. Eventually, the combined wishes of his young proteges brings Dre back to life, where he delivers two important messages. One, he's been working out, a lot, and he wants everybody to know it. Two, everyone who did him wrong in the past nine years (which we didn't hear one word of, did you?) are going to pay for their insolence.

The video ends with Dre solemnly standing over the real-life gravestone of bandmate turned enemy, apparently turned departed loved one, Eric Wright, aka Eazy-E. It's clear Dre's had some stuff on his mind, hopefully further songs and videos will explain the personal torment he's been through a bit better.

Watch the Dr. Dre 'I Need a Doctor' Video Feat. Eminem and Skylar Grey